Calaveras Drop Thru 40”


Why is the Calaveras Drop Thru 40” right for you?

If you’re from California, then you’ve heard of our giant sequoias. These towering trees found a home in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, located in central California and east of the state capital, Sacramento. The sequoias trees are mythic in proportion, with the largest standing at 286 ft tall, 25 ft in diameter, and a lifespan of 1800-2700yrs. If any living plant had some amazing stories to tell, the giant sequoias would be the holy grail. Needless to say, inspiration for a new deck was abundantly found. The Remember Collective Calaveras Drop Thru Longboard 40” is our longest and widest drop thru. We used the rocker mold from our popular Vibe and Aura drop thrus and lengthened the center by 2 inches. The layup is 8 plies of maple and 1 bottom ply of bamboo. You’ll feel a medium flex beneath your feet, perfect for campus cruising, but enough stiffness to bomb a moderate hill. It’s almost unnoticed, but there is a slight W concave to further strengthen the layup. The 10” width standing platform is plenty of real estate to shift your shoes around and find the perfect stance. You have two set up options, Essentials and Premium. The premium set up upgrades you to our LUXE built-in bearings, silky smooth Remember 70mm Savannah Slammas, and the NEW 180mm Luxe Lite trucks. 


More about the Remember Collective Calaveras Drop Thru Longboard 40”:

  • 10” x 40”
  • Maple and bamboo layup
  • Premium Complete: LUXE Lite 180mm trucks, Savannah Slamma 70mm wheels, LUXE built-in ABEC 7 bearings
  • Essential Complete: LUXE 180mm trucks, CA Cruiser wheel 70mm, ABEC 7 bearings

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