Remember Hoot 70mm

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Why is the Remember Collective Hoot 70mm the wheel for you?

The Remember Collective 70mm Original Hoot Longboard Slide Wheel is the “OG” of the brand. Everything we are today is a derivative of this wheel’s original intention…get out there, grab your board, and have a Hoot! We slid our way into the hearts of skateboarders across the world, creating a wheel that effortlessly went sideways. Not only that, the Hoot’s slide was predictable and went farther than any other brand on the market. From hills to slide jams across the globe, we earned a reputation of slippy slidey fun, durability, and value. We have tons of options that won’t kill your wallet. Sometimes one set of the competitor’s wheels is equal to a couple sets of ours. The Remember Collective 70mm Hoot is perfect for most drop thru or top mount longboards. If you need something smaller yet want that slidey Remember thane take a look at our 62mm Peewee or 65mm Lil Hoot. If you want a wheel similar to the Hoot, but with a little more grip, try our “skin-on” 70mm Savannah Slamma. If you need to go real fast and need more urethane to touch the pavement, then go large with the 72mm Farley. Yeehaaw!  Love to slide? Check out the Savannah Slamma.

More about the Remember Collective 70mm Original Hoot Longboard Slide Wheel:

  • Stone ground for easy first slides
  • Center set and flipable
  • 70mm x 45mm, 39mm contact patch
  • Available in 74a Yellow, 76a Pink, 78a White, 80a Purple
  • Also perfect for any cruiser-style longboard

Additional information

Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 1.75 in

74a Yellow, 76a Pink, 78a White, 80a Purple, 80a Pink, 80a Yellow


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