Remember Optimo 70mm

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The Remember Collective Optimo 70mm:

The  Remember Optimo 70mm is our newest freeride wheel! They are stone ground and available in a wide range of duros these wheels will have you sliding effortlessly as soon as you set them up. A unique profile of square lips featuring a large off-set core provides optimum predictability the more you shred your way to the core. Grab a set of each color on your next order and figure out which duro feels best to you!  We also have another killer set of slide wheels called the Savannah Slamma. 

More about the Remember Collective Optimo 70mm:

  • Stone ground
  • Large off-set core
  • 70mm

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 1.75 in

80a Purple, 78a White, 76a Pink, 74a Yellow

1 review for Remember Optimo 70mm

  1. JW

    one of the best freeride wheels on market. I have bought almost every brand of popular freeride/DH 60mm-75mm wheel available. What I haven’t owned I’ve ridden. There’s a huge difference in freeride wheels w/ big cores vs smaller cores. Rollspeed & contact area support are big ones. That these cont to roll fat new or at the final 1-2mm speaks to superiority of design. Only Seismic comes into same realm of core & quality of duro . I developed+ still have an infatuation w/ 78a Optimos ,1 set lasting me thru 5 months of daily sliding .I moved to the 80a after & am in love with them after 2 weeks. The harder duro should result in 6mos of daily freeride . Close to Powell SSF but more durable , these are less likely to chunk & have a nice offset to get your rear out easier & return to center w/ greater predictability.
    If you really wanna slide experience like no other , look to these in the pink 76a duro. Later, you will thank yourself for trying them if slides,prechecks, steezey standups
    and controlled shutdowns are important to your longboarding.

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