LUXE 45° Cast Baseplate


Why you need a lower degree LUXE baseplate

The LUXE 45° Longboard Truck Cast Baseplate is the perfect addition to your LUXE quiver. Now you can run lower angles or split angles with the stock LUXE Lites that have 50° baseplates. Lowering your baseplate angle increases your skating stability at higher speeds. So, why is this true? The degree of the baseplate and your turning radius have an inverse relationship with each other. As you decrease your base plate angel, you increase your turning radius and vice versa. While the stock 50° baseplate has smooth and snappy turns, the 45° baseplate also produces smooth turns, but the turns are longer, and more surfy. The end result is a lower possibility of those dreaded “speed wobbles” at higher speeds, more confidence, and more fun.

LUXE 45° Longboard Truck Cast Baseplate specs:

  • New and old school truck holes
  • Interchangable with LUXE Lite stock 50° complete trucks
  • Machine pressed hollow kingpin
  • Cavity baseplate for lighter set ups
  • Fits most modern day drop thru decks
  • Sweet machine brushed logo finish!
  • Available as singles


Additional information

Weight.5 lbs



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