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The only Carbon Fiber Truck you want:

The LUXE Carbon Lite truck is the first carbon fiber skateboard truck. This construction provides next-level strength, stiffness, and lightweight performance.  The hanger features a hollow axle for extra weight savings. The rigidity of the hanger from the carbon construction keeps your wheels firmly planted during slides for superior performance and improved wheel wear.  Each truck weighs just over three quarters of a pound (350 grams) – a 30% weight savings per truck when compared to the average cast truck on the market.

The Carbon Lite trucks feature the same great bushing seat found on our LUXE Lite trucks, which captures the base of the bushing snugly and allows these trucks to be tuned for any kind of skating with a simple bushing swap.  The 45° baseplate angle also caters to any style of skateboarding whether it be freeride or downhill, to dancing and freestyle.

We chose to pair the Carbon fiber hangers with forged aluminum baseplates with hollow kingpins to increase the strength of the baseplates while continuing to keep the overall weight down.  The baseplates also are drilled with 8 holes rather than 6 to allow for extra wheelbase options on your setup without the need to redrill your deck.  The LUXE Carbon Lites are compatible with both new-school and old-school truck mounting patterns.

The Carbon Lite trucks come with a 90a double barrel bushing configuration with a cupped washer bottom and flat washer top – a setup that will work well for just about anything you can throw at this truck.

LUXE Carbon Fiber Lite 180mm Longboard Truck Specifications:

180mm Carbon Fiber Hanger
45° 8-Hole Forged Aluminum Baseplate
Hollow Axle
Hollow Kingpin
90a Double Barrel Bushings
350g Weight

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