Gyo Freestyle 44”

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Why is the Gyo Freestyle 44” Right for you?

Do you seek softer edges, but still plenty of standing platform and kick tails for those no comply big spins or 540 grabs? Look no further than the Remember Collective Gyo Freestyle 44”, It’s fun, strong, flexy, and beautifully stained bamboo. About the only tough decision you should have here is how to pronounce the name. (try Gee-yo).

Art Facts: Google Gyo, and you might find a 31% RottenTomato rated Japanese anime horror movie with land walking fish that attack humans. Fortunately for you, we didn’t go there for inspiration. Instead, the Gyo was inspired by Gyotaku, a traditional Japanese method of printing fish. Gyo meaning fish, and Taku meaning impression. It’s a practice that dates back to the mid-1800’s where fisherman would record their prize catches by painting directly onto the fish and then pressing the fish directly onto rice paper. Later color might be added to the eyes and scales for more detail. The end result was nothing less than breathtaking art.

We also offer another mid-sized double kick free style board called the Carmel, it’s 37.5″ making it slightly shorter and tons of fun to ride.

More about the Gyo:

  • 9.5″ x 44″
  • 26″ of walking space
  • Premium Complete: 180mm trucks, Lil Hoot wheels, LUXE bearings
  • Essential Complete: 180mm trucks, CA Cruiser wheels, ABEC 7 bearings

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